Triana Terry is an exceptionally talented young artist, as well as being a much sought after actress and performer.

Triana’s first love has always been the visual arts, her father Richard Terry, also an artist, who owned a commercial studio in the heart of Soho. She has a Spanish mother, Celia de Lamo, a photojournalist and filmmaker.

Triana’s association with Soho and the characters in and around the area made her a friend of the good and the great. These notable personalities were charmed by Triana and were more than happy to sit for her. The resulting portrait were astonishing, they were bold, lively and full of confidence. The brushstrokes were daring with a rich and colourful palette. Triana captured the essence of these actors and artists with a keen eye for their distinctive charisma.

Triana Terry is now opening up her portrait work for commissions having shown at The Saatchi Gallery, Lazarides Gallery and private members clubs.

“Vibrant, visceral, honest, joyous, haunting, intense, your paintings are full of emotion! Keep doing what you’re doing-love it baby”

Damien Hirst


“Wow! It’s amazing! Thank you so much. I’m very honoured. You’re incredibly talented and I am SO touched to be your subject. Love it!”

Stephen Fry
Writer, Director, Actor and Activist


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