Exhibited at Good Luck Hope Gallery.

Orchard Place, London, E14 OJU

13th May 2022


Latest Solo Exhibition


Godless Goddesses – Triana Terry’s largest solo exhibition to date introducing a new
body of vibrant works. Investigating contemporary portrayals of female inner strength.
 The exhibition is a tribute to all of those women who, at some stage of their life, felt trapped by a particular situation and coped between the blindness and
realisation of their torment. The vulnerability that accompanies this state, along with the process and transition to feeling strong again, is a phenomena the artist has set out to capture through this series of paintings.  Lead into a journey of powerlessness, realisation and euphoria, the exhibition invites the viewer to ‘reflect’ while facing the stories of those incredibly women.




Past Exhibitions

October 2019 – ‘Godless Goddesses’  Solo exhibition at Trinity Art Gallery, London City Island.

2016 – ‘Rhythm’ 90 Piccadilly – A group exhibition by Imitate Modern

2012-13 – Babington House acquired by the Soho House collection – Somerset

25th September 2011 – The White Rose Ball – Holocaust Charity event – auctioned by Christies

4th July 2012 – The Saatchi Gallery – Spectrum Art Auction

June 2011 – Solo show at The Hospital Club

March 2011 – The Groucho Club

January 2011 – Artbeat London in Covent Garden.

January 2011 – Black members Club

December 2010 – Blacks members Club

March 2010 – The Groucho Club

April 2010 – ‘Soholights’ solo exhibition at 27 Cork Street Gallery

November 2008 – Soho Society at Lazerides Gallery, Soho

November 2008 – Work published in the book Soho Society written by Bernie Katz