Triana Terry




Every women at some stage in their lives has felt trapped in a situation. The vulnerability that makes us strong again is a process and a transition I want to communicate through my art. I want to show how these women coped between the blindness and the realisation of their torment.

This collection explores an obsessive and troublesome nature that can consume any of us at any given time. An obsession can lead to great pain, but through this we learn. Yes, we cry, we laugh, we sigh. I want to take the viewer on a journey of power-lessness, realisation and euphoria.

The idea that someone in any situation can lose control of their emotions. The thoughts that come with it during the action. After one has come out of this perturbing time there’s a feeling of godliness that comes from the enlightened state.

Through these images I am trying to demonstrate a heightened state of adrenaline, the fire that makes us who we are and how we deal with that monster that comes our way. All of these women have a story and they have suffered a traumatic event in their lives and I am driven to display the emotions I see within them.

How one shines through their difficulties is intriguing to me and inspires me. We are all searching and exploring for a way out or a way in, that safe place we all crave. Which is yours? Where do each of us like to be in our minds once that difficult time has passed? It also begs the question: Do we allow these events to consume us after our realisation or are these situations presented to us as a test of strength?