“Triana’s art is an expression of love she creates from the heart and is inspired. Her work is beautiful, truthful and mysterious.”

Lydia Hearst



“Each piece holds its own unique significance. She captures the emotion of her subjects and reveals a piece of her own soul in every painting.”

Patricia Hearst



“Vibrant, visceral, honest, joyous, haunting, intense, your paintings are full of emotion! Keep doing what you’re doing-love it baby”

Damien Hirst



“Wow! It’s amazing! Thank you so much. I’m very honoured. You’re incredibly talented and I am SO touched to be your subject. Love it!”

Stephen Fry

Writer, Director, Actor and Activist


“The first time I saw Triana’s portrait of my face I almost burst into tears.She captured an aspect of my soul that I just wasn’t expecting to see. Blown away isn’t the half of it. My portrait is a huge part of my life now , and I’ll always be grateful for it. Thank you.”

Sir Lenny .G. Henry CBE

Actor, Comedian, Writer and Presenter


“Terry’s work embodies the core values of contemporary portraiture – the ambition to capture something deeply personal, essential even, about the sitter, those effervescent qualities, mysteriously human, that somehow seem be absent in photographic equivalents. They are bold, powerful and confident.”

Nick Hackworth

Art Critic for the Evening Standard


”Using broad, sweeping, brushstrokes often in embryonic colours, sometimes with gushes of blood, or expressions of shock and horror, there’s a tremendous energy and passion to Triana De Lamo Terry’s ‘Godless Goddesses’. If not always explicit or confrontational, violence is implicit, sometimes in its immediate after effect, sometimes in the longer term psychological reaction that it demands. It’s a given that the artist uses her eyes but here, Triana has also used her ears. She’s interviewed and listened to women who have suffered in their lives, have been tormented, have been assaulted by men and their egos, or lack thereof.

Triana not only sympathises with her collaborators but loves them, offers them a tenderness, gives each one a voice to show them not as victims, not even ‘just’ as survivors but something more than that. Women to be celebrated. Women to be applauded. Women to be congratulated. Women who have been pushed toward the void but women who have chosen to reject it, to move towards the light, towards positivity, towards a rebirth. The journey was never going to be easy but in showing her collaborators at their most vulnerable, Triana has shown their strength and dignity in a moving and powerful way.”

Simon Rumley

Film Writer and Director




“Triana is a young self taught portrait painter, her palette and draughtsmanship are teaming with enthusiasm and dexterous intent. Seeing her standing by her canvasses covered in the speckles and brush marks that are the telling signs of an artist lost to the world and wholly absorbed in their craft”

Duncan Ward

Writer, Director and Producer


“Triana is one of London’s exciting young painters. Having already enjoyed success I expect the popularity of her work to continue growing over the next few years. Her work is playful, intense and full of personality, I especially enjoy her intelligent use of colour. Her work reminds me of many great painters yet it still maintains its own distinct style. I look forward to seeing her next show”

Ryan Stanier

Art Fair Director


“Triana is the only girl I know that can paint the Sistine Chapel on a piece of A4”

Bernie Katz



“Triana I think your paintings are stunning. They make me giggle and I want to lick their eye balls. You are amazing.”

Dominic Cooper



“Brilliant work Triana, like all your subjects I am so honoured to be in the mix. Keep this up you are a great talent.”

Stephen Webster MBE

Jewellery designer


“Sit for me”, were innocent words, unexpectedly engraved in my mind when Triana uttered them to me across the dinner table in a Covent Garden restaurant. The synchronised thrill and terror eliminated all noise in the trendy, pulsating eatery. My head went into combat with my heart, the battle to defend or relinquish my soul.   

Triana is a soul surveillance operative, the creator and master of a craft that visits the sunshine and shadows of the human spirit. Her tools are oil and canvas, her rules veracity and passion.  

When I said “Yes”, I knew that her evidence in oil would be truth without prejudice; I was taking confession without knowing the sins I would confess. Bless you dearest Triana, for seeing, saving and helping us to feel.’

Jurga Zilinskiene

MBE & Founder and CEO of Guildhawk